lördag 27 augusti 2022

Filmrecension - The invisible thread

 The story is seen through the eyes of Leone, who is working on a school project about LGBT rights in Europe, based on none other than his own, personal experience. Whilst also in the throes of first love with his beautiful school friend Anna, Leone is forced to accept that his “beautiful family” isn’t quite as perfect as it seems. And so, caught between prejudiced views of homosexuality as hereditary, a raft of misunderstandings, civil battles, and various twists and turns, our young man – whose suffering is clear as day and is no different from that felt by any other youngster whose parents split up – finds himself thinking about the “invisible thread” which binds him to his two dads and to all those who brought him into the world.

En helt underbar film om en ung killes uppväxt i en regnbågsfamilj även om det knakar i fogarna mellan föräldrarna och hur han hanterar och växer under tiden som går.

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