onsdag 16 november 2022

Deadly class vol 2 Kids of the black hole + Deadly class vol 3 The snake pit


Volume 2 is here! It's 1988 and Marcus Lopez is getting settled into life at Kings Dominion for the Deadly Arts, a secret elite school, to train the next generation of assassins and professional murderers. He has a girl, a circle of friends, and he's learning a trade: the craft of killing. But his murderous past is about to catch up with him, and there are a few things about Marcus that even his friends don't know about - secrets which threaten the lives of everyone at his school. Because there's a reason Marcus was sought out by the school's shadowy principal Master Lin, a man who's long had an eye for Marcus' unique talents.

Collecting Deadlt Class #7-11, and continuing the story of a group of damaged, deranged, and struggling teenagers living through one of the country's most vibrant and chilling eras.

  • When homeless orphan Marcus Lopez was asked to join a shadowy school specializing in training the next generation of the world's deadliest assassins, he figured he had nothing left to lose. He was wrong. Now, Marcus and his one-time lover Maria are thrown to the wolves when a Mexican Cartel, the family of a classmate they were forced to kill, comes gunning for revenge. The true costs of the life he's chosen to live are only just dawning on Marcus. Incapable of staving off the ravages of love, life, and death, he plunges headfirst into a black pit of drugs, sex, and self-destruction. And just when things seemingly can't get any worse, Finals Season descends on the school. And in this world final exams can be murder!
  • Continuing the cult-hit dark teen drama, writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig take readers on the darkest road through 1980s San Francisco, and the kids that ruled its streets.

Bokomslag och beskrivning av böckernas handling hämtad från Adlibris.
Efter att ha läst första volymen av denna serie så såg jag den första och enda säsongen av TV-serien, och när jag hade sett klart den ville jag bara ha mera så jag valde att läsa vidare i serien.
Nu när jag så har gjort så har jag fått svar i alla fall på några saker som blev som cliffhangers i TV-serien och nu har jag läst vidare och fått nya cliffhangers som gör att jag vill läsa, se mera av Marcus och de andra som försöker överleva den hårda och dödliga värld som deras skola utgör.

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