onsdag 19 februari 2020

Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe #2) av Neal Shusterman

Thunderhead (e-bok)

The stakes are high in this chilling sci-fi thriller, in which professional scythes control who dies. Everything else is out of human control, managed by the Thunderhead. It's a perfect system - until it isn't.
It's been a year since Rowan went off-grid. Hunted by the Scythedom, he has become an urban legend, a vigilante snuffing out corrupt scythes in a trial by fire. Citra, meanwhile, is forging her path as Scythe Anastasia, gleaning with compassion. However, conflict within the Scythedom is growing by the day, and when Citra's life is threatened, it becomes clear that there is a truly terrifying plot afoot. The Thunderhead observes everything, and it does not like what it sees. Will it intervene? Or will it simply watch as this perfect world begins to unravel?
Bokomslag och beskrivning hämtad från Plusbok.

Risk för spoiler då detta är andra delen i en serie.
Den är lika intressant, spännande och handlingsdriven som första boken i serien, ögonen flyger fram över sidorna.
Den slutar verkligen spännande och det ska bli intressant att läsa sista delen, för att få se vad som händer med Thunderhead, Rowan, Citra och Greyson m fl.

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