onsdag 23 februari 2022

Featherbed (Vino & veritas #1) av Annabeth Albert.


When a bookworm on borrowed time meets a younger, free-spirited chicken farmer, sparks and feathers fly…

Harrison Phillip Fletcher III isn’t supposed to be here. Not in Burlington, Vermont, not running Vino & Veritas, a quaint inclusive bookstore and wine bar, and definitely not still alive at forty-two. Also not supposed to be here? An unexpected delivery of chickens.

Finn Barnes knows chickens. The burly organic farmer knows all about rare breed poultry, but dealing with a hot, older bookseller is an entirely different matter. City slicker types like Harrison never end up staying in Vermont for the long-term.

They should steer clear of each other. But the flare of attraction is mutual. And somehow, amid book discussions and farm tours, they discover plenty in common. Now they’re stealing kisses in Finn’s barn, sneaking out like teens, and burning up the sheets.

What starts as a fling brings very real feelings for two lonely souls, but a future together seems as unlikely as chickens in a bookstore. Feathers may be flying, but learning to trust takes time neither may have. Can they take a leap of faith together before it’s too late?

Fortsätter med att läsa romance, som Steph booktubern med kanalen Noveltea corner fick mig att läsa förra månaden, och även denna är en rekommendation från henne, sen kanske inte denna helt föll mig i smaken men den var tillräckligt intressant, mysig och romantisk att lyssna på några nätter innan jag somnade, som är tiden då jag brukar lyssna på ljudböcker för att slappna av efter dagens aktiviteter.

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