onsdag 2 februari 2022

Sailor proof av Annabeth Albert


The sexy Navy chief and his best friend's adorkable little brother...

It's petty, but Naval Chief Derrick Fox wishes he could exact a little revenge on his ex by showing off a rebound fling. His submarine is due to return to its Bremerton, Washington, home base soon and Derrick knows all too well there won't be anyone waiting with a big, showy welcome.

Enter one ill-advised plan...

Arthur Euler is the guy you go to in a pinch--he's excellent at out-of-the-box solutions. It's what the genius music-slash-computer nerd is known for. So when he finds out Derrick needs a favor, he's happy to help. He can muster the sort of welcome a Naval Chief deserves, no problem at all.

Except it is a problem. A very big problem.

When Arthur's homecoming welcome is a little too convincing, when a video of their gangplank smooch goes enormously viral, they're caught between a dock and a hard place. Neither of them ever expected a temporary fake relationship to look--or feel--so real. And Arthur certainly never considered he'd be fighting for a very much not-fake forever with a military man.

Bokomslag och beskrivning hämtad från Bokus och Bookdepository.

Då var det dags för en till bra och underhållande HBTQ+-romance, som jag även denna gång lyssnade på och hade en underhållande och mysig läsning. Helt klart är de bägge två männen så söta och fina mot varandra och även mot andra runt om sig specillt på mot barnen, barnen i sig själv är verkligen underhållande att läsa om.

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