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Romance (erotik) som jag läste 2022

Under 2022 började jag läsa mer romance-romaner än vad jag har gjort. Jag läste en del som tonåring men tror sen att jag förläste mig lite på genren då, och fram tills nu inte helt varit helt in på denna genre. Men efter att ha börjat se en hel del booktubers som talat om dem så blev jag lite nyfiken och började läsa några för att se vad genren innehöll och vad jag gillade.

Ska då säga att att det har både blivit "hit and miss" med vad jag läst, och jag kan se att en gay-romance och en paranormal romance kan gå hem, medans för erotiska berättelser kan bli för mycket.

Jag har under året som gått recenserat en del av böckerna jag läst med enskilda recensioner men även med sammanställda inlägg på vad jag läst, detta hände mera i början av året för sen under senare delen av året läste jag mycket mindre. Så tänkte här först skriva in länkarna till de recensioner av romance-romaner jag gjort under året som gått, och sen följa upp med de böcker jag ännu inte har redovisat någonstans, många av dessa böcker skriver jag inte så mycket om då jag inte har haft så mycket att säga om dem, och det är därför de ännu inte har blivit recenserade på bloggen.

His quiet agent av Ada Maria Soto Betyg 5 
The Alpha´s warlock av Eliot Grayson Betyg 5
Captive mate av Eliot Grayson Betyg 5
The Alpha experiment av Eliot Grayson Betyg 5
Demons do it better av Louisa Masters Betyg 5
Undercover av Eliot Grayson Betyg 5
Sailor proof av Annabeth Albert Betyg 5
The power of three av Kate Pearce Betyg 4
The reluctant wolf av Lisa Oliver Betyg 4
The runaway cat av Lisa Oliver Betyg 3
Jingel bell wolf av Terry Spear Betyg 3
Smash & grab av Maz Madox Betyg 4




The bride test av Helen Hoang Betyg 3 av 5

One bite with a vampaire av Louisa Maters Betyg 4 av 5

The bookish lifte of Nina Hill av Abbi Waxman Betyg 3 av 5

Strandläsning av Emily Henry Betyg 3 av 5

Status update av Annabeth Albert Betyg 4 av 5

Sommarmöten av Emily Henry Betyg 5 av 5

En oväntad jul av Natalie Cox  Betyg 4 av 5

Kristallklara nätter i juletid av Sarah Morgan Betyg 2 av 5

Jul i rubinrött av Amanda Hallberg Betyg 2.5 av 5

In a holidaze av Christina Lauren Betyg 2 av 5

Julstämning uthyres av Olivia Reimhagen Betyg 4 av 5

The bookish holiday of Nina Hill av Abbi Waxman Betyg 3 av 5

Här kommer de jag läste under senare delen av 2022 som inte fick ensiklda recensioner.

Betyg 4 av 5
I don’t kneel for any man. Not anymore.
I had the perfect dominant boyfriend. Then Cortez left me to save the world.
After two and a half years lost drowning my misery in bad decisions, one man changed everything.
Rogan is the perfect submissive, who puts me back in control of both him and my life.
Until Cortez comes home.
Who am I? Cortez’s bottom or Rogan’s top?
Maybe I’m both.
Maybe I was made to be their middleman.
Betyg 2 av 5 

Fortsättning på Open enconters

It's been three years since I met him, since he became my everything. Sure, we play with others--but for one night only. Until Geoff, my Sir, my love, fulfilled one of my role-play fantasies. Neither one of us expected that involving Lukas, Geoff's ex-lover and best friend, would give us both something we didn't know we needed. Now we just have to make it work, because instead of one man owning my heart, one man giving me a world filled with passion and desire, there are two.

My life changed the moment I saw him. He was the boy I needed, the man I wanted, and it's been the just two of us ever since. Asking my best friend--a man I trust above all others--to help fulfill my boy's fantasy, wasn't a hard decision. But now we're in a place I never thought we'd be. He's sharing our bed and stealing our hearts. But he's on the other side of the country, and we miss him every day.

I've been stuck in a rut for far too long. My job and this city no longer hold my interest like they used to. The random boys I play with don't fill that emptiness inside me anymore. I'm a Daddy who longs for a boy to take care of...to love. But when Geoff called me with an intriguing offer, I couldn't refuse. One weekend of fun wasn't supposed to change my whole world, but now, I have some decisions to make. How do I find my place in the hearts of two men who have loved each other for so long? Because one thing is clear: They both own mine completely.
Betyg 3 av 5
I’ll save you as many times as I have to, even if it means saving you from yourself

My heart pounds erratically as the crowd swells around us, panic thick in the air. This can’t be how I die, not here, not tonight. Through the throng of bodies, I can see him...Thane. Of all the ways I thought tonight would end, this wasn’t even on my list. Pain lances through me and I can tell by the look in his eyes that whatever just happened, it’s bad. My hand reaches for my leg and I find it sticky and wet with my own blood.

Whatever happens, I know Thane will save me.

Screams, and blood, and tragedy haunt my dreams. I'm alive and I owe it all to the gorgeous former marine who refused to leave me for dead. But how can I start a new relationship when I'm not even sure who I am anymore?
Betyg 2 av 5
A remote logging camp...
A desperate woman...
A crew of eight giant lumberjacks...

I’m the new ‘entertainer’ for a crew of lusty lumberjacks. Eight men, strong and strapping as Paul Bunyan.

That's one a night, and two on Sundays.

Got wood? ;)

Beauty and the Lumberjacks is a contemporary reverse harem romance set in the deep woods, starring eight lumberjacks and one lucky lady. No M/M.
Betyg 2 av 5
I tried my best to escape. But they are after me.
These cruel, gorgeous monsters. All five of them.

I'd seen Mr. Marcello just once at a prestigious Fashion Show.
His light golden amber eyes made me shiver, but I thought I was not gonna see him again.
I never expected him to get his men to kidnap me, and even share me with his cousins and bodyguards.
Of course, I'm not going to give in.
And damn sure I'm going to fight my way out of this predicament…
But what happens when I begin to fall for the men - my kidnappers?
Betyg 3,5 av 5
Levi finally persuaded his wolf clan to allow him to bond to Ian instead of his predestined female mate. The catch? They have to spend a year apart after the bonding ritual. Then Ian must—using only their newly-forged spiritual connection—seek Levi out, proving the bond actually worked despite Ian being human.

Now the year is over, and Levi is desperate to have Ian back in his arms, but there’s one problem—Ian’s changed. In a moment of weakness during that agonizing year apart, Ian cheated… with a vampire. Now Ian himself is a vampire, and a devastated, furious Levi wants nothing to do with him.

That is until he learns his clan wants Ian brought to justice for desecrating their most sacred ritual. If they find him, they’ll learn he’s a vampire, and kill him. Afraid for Ian’s safety, Levi rushes to find him.

Darius, the vampire who converted Ian, tries to take him someplace safe, but when Levi catches up, all hell breaks loose. Now Ian’s on the run with a dead wolf’s blood on his hands, and the only way Levi or Darius are going to get near him is to work together.

They need to get to him before the rest of the clan… assuming they don’t kill each other first.

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